The Gred HD3 Bridge module is specifically designed to deliver bridge deck moisture maps in a semi-automatic way. The software is a unique interface that is able to automatically detect rebars, the depth of the asphalt and the concrete slab thickness. It is also possible to export three different types of status map based on several parameters and algorithms. These maps can be easily visualized and exported.

The maps are:

  • Power Map: the Power Map is the amplitude of the detected rebars and it is expressed in Volts.
  • Moisture Map: the Moisture Map represents an estimate of the propagation velocity calculated at the rebars interface
  • Asphalt Thickness Map: the Asphalt Thickness Map identifies the boundary between the asphalt and concrete layers and represents the thickness of the asphalt.

It also offers unique features such as the creation and display of 2D and 3D tomograms in just a few minutes after the basic filtering of the raw data and the direct export of structures and objects of any generic shape to CAD or GIS maps.

The software is fully compatible with any GPS or positioning data in order to automatically obtain geo-referenced data plots.