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  • Mobile system: easily towable by light vehicles;
  • One man installation: quick and easy to set up (6 minutes);
  • Quick deployment: self-contained and fully integrated system;
  • Fixed or mobile installation capability;
  • Ideal for multiple pit and open cast long-wall operations;
  • Rugged design: high robustness and long durability;

  • Real-time monitoring up to long ranges (4km) of sub-millimetric slope displacements with automatic atmospheric corrections;
  • Alarm generation with user defined levels and multiple alarm/multiple area criteria;
  • Fully geo-referenced outputs projected visually in radar view or in high quality DTM, exportable to 3D mine planning packages;
  • Fast scan time and robust automatic atmospheric corrections;
  • Fully remote operations through a wire-less radio link or UMTS modem;
  • Ability to process discontinuous datasets after system re-positioning;
  • Transport trailer compliant with national road regulations;

IBIS-FMT is supplied along with Guardian, a software program specifically designed for critical and background monitoring. Guardian provides automatic real-time processing of radar data, visualization of displacement maps with multiple analysis options (extraction of time series for displacements, velocity, inverse of velocity) and the possibility to create multiple hazard-maps with user-defined alarm criteria for active monitoring.

IBIS Guardian makes use of state-of-the-art automatic atmospheric correction algorithms to provide accurate and reliable displacement maps fully geo-referenced with the digital terrain model.

The capability to handle long-term projects with large datasets makes Guardian also suitable for the long-term tracking of movements, potentially useful for regulators, for back analysis of slope failures and for more comprehensive geotechnical/geological analysis.

  • User friendly intuitive interface;
  • Real time automatic processing;
  • Automatic advanced atmospheric corrections;
  • Alarm generation with user-defined levels and multiple alarm criteria;
  • Long datasets for geotechnical back analysis;
  • Fully geo-referenced outputs;
  • 3D interactive data handling;
  • User defined zones for alarm generation;
  • Import of multiple digital layers for displaying geological information;
  • Exportability of output to mine planning software.
Accuracy +/- 0.1 mm (l.o.s.)
Spatial Resolution Range: 0.5 m, Cross Range: 4.4 mrad (@1 km, 0.5 m by 4.4 m; @2 km, 0.5 m by 8.8m)
Area Coverage Extremely broad (e.g. @2 km an area around 5 km2)
Operating Range 10 m to 4000 m
Operating Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Scan Time Less than 3 min
Weight 1700 kg
Environment IP66
Certifications FCC, CE, IC
IBIS Controller:
Acquisition & system management software
  • Acquisition parameter setting
  • Power supply control
  • Status information
  • Preliminary data processing
  • Data transfer tools
IBIS Guardian:
Real time processing, data interpretation & early warning software
  • Automatic atmospheric correction
  • Alarm generation with user-defined levels
  • Multiple alarm criteria based on area definition
  • 3D interactive data handling
  • Output exportation to mine planning packages
  • External Digital Terrain Model (DTM) importation