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  • Complete situation awareness: 24/7 real-time monitoring of the entire pit with alarm capabilities;
  • Solution tailored to users specific requirements: ideal for any open-pit operation;
  • Full integration on a single software platform: no more splitting up of monitoring activities between multiple PC stations;
  • Scalable solution designed to accommodate expected mine expansion;
  • Accomodates future system upgrades;

IDS steps progressively ahead into a new dimension with the FPM360 slope monitoring system. The FPM360 is an integrated monitoring system based on multiple fixed and/or mobile IBIS radar units, controlled and interfaced using a single advanced software suite to provide complete situation awareness: with 360 degree coverage of the pit slopes in real time, geotechnical engineers will be equipped with a universal image of the entire pit, providing exhaustive information about potential areas of instability.

FPM360 is based on the unrivalled long-range, high resolution and fast scan capabilities typical of IBIS-FM and is tailored to the user’s specific requirements and hence it is ideal for any type of open-pit operations.


  • Full pit coverage: multiple integrated radar systems (fixed and/or mobile);
  • Feasibility study carried out by IDS qualified staff to design the optimal configuration (identification of number of units, optimal installation sites accounting for radar line of sight and logistic issues);
  • Fully integrated monitoring system: server architecture and advanced multi-client software suite for real-time monitoring and alarm capabilities;
  • On-site installation service, system integration and professional training;

FPM360 is supplied with the Guardian FPM software suite which is specifically designed for critical and background monitoring. Guardian FPM provides a universal image of slope stability by visualizing on a single DTM a displacement map using radar data from multiple radar units with multiple analysis options (extraction of time series for displacements, velocity, inverse of velocity).

Thanks to the server architecture, monitoring data can be accessed anywhere from multiple client platforms with the possibility to create multiple hazard-maps with user-defined alarm criteria for active monitoring.

  • User friendly intuitive interface;
  • Visualization of multiple radar maps on a single DTM;
  • Server architecture with multiple clients and real-time automatic processing;
  • Automatic advanced atmospheric corrections;
  • Alarm generation with user-defined levels and multiple alarm criteria;
  • Long datasets for geotechnical back analysis;
  • Fully geo-referenced outputs;
  • Import of multiple digital layers for displaying geological information;
  • Real-time software integration and visualization of elements at risk (mining equipment, haul trucks, shovels etc.).
Accuracy +/- 0.1 mm (l.o.s.)
Spatial Resolution Range: 0.5 m, Cross Range: 4.4 mrad (@1 km, 0.5 m by 4.4 m; @2 km, 0.5 m by 8.8m)
Area Coverage Extremely broad (e.g. @2 km an area around 5 km2)
Operating Range 10 m to 4000 m
Operating Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Scan Time Less than 3 min
Power Consumption Less than 100 W
Weight 250 kg, depending on the version
Environment IP66
Certifications FCC, CE, IC
IBIS Guardian FPM:
Real time processing, data interpretation & early warning software
  • Server/Client Architecture
  • Visualization of multiple radar maps on the same DTM
  • Automatic atmospheric correction
  • Alarm generation with user-defined levels
  • Multiple alarm criteria based on area definition
  • 3D interactive data handling
  • Output exportation to mine planning packages
  • Extenal Digital Terrain Model (DTM) importation