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Detector Duo



Detector Duo

  • Easy to interpret real-time results make locating the exact position of pipes and cables simple;
  • Two antennas combine superior resolution with extra soil penetration depth;
  • GPS support to help keep track of the survey path, buried objects and utilities;

Detector Duo uses radar technology to locate buried utilities before starting trenching, drilling or no dig operations.

The product provides easy to interpret real time results, and locates the exact position of pipes, cables and bedrock.

Compact, easy to transport and deploy, the detector should be the daily tool of contractors, local authorities and utility service providers.

Detector Duo helps prevent damage to cables and pipes and to avoid the risk of pipe rupture during trenching and drilling operations. It can be easily used by a single operator, and can be folded and stored in a car’s trunk or back seat.

Detector Duo is the only GPR that uses two separate antennas ( 250 MHz – 700 MHz ) for increasing resolution and the depth of investigation in order to limit interpretation errors.

This easy-to-use radar tool immediately locates utilities, simultaneously displaying on the same screen deep and shallow buried metallic and non metallic pipes and cables.


  • Deep and shallow antennas: Two antennas (250 MHz – 700MHz) in the same box help the operator to locate pipes and cables giving him the proper frequency for the specific locating need. Real time display of deep and shallow antennas on the same screen is also available.
  • More than 8 hours of autonomous use: The Detector Duo is equipped with a low power consuming control unit.
  • Easy to use: Plug and play, few buttons, easy software interface. Automatic calibration for quick start up; automatic recovery of soil type parameters; no need to insert propagation speed or soil dielectric constants.
  • GPS: With GPS the operator can see the path covered during the survey as well as geo-locate the pipes marked on the software.

The Detector Duo software is a high performance acquisition software application designed for the Detector Duo system. Being very user friendly makes on-site detection of all types of utilities fast and practical. In particular, this software permits the user to acquire raw data and simultaneously display deep and shallow targets on one screen after only performing a single scan, therefore saving time and costs.

The software can operate natively with metric or imperial units. The user can mark pipes directly on the screen in real time and can also apply several layout options in real time to maximize the ability to investigate the subsurface. Data is stored in real time on the computer hard disk. Review mode permits the user to add other utilities not seen during acquisition in order to complete the final results.

The software is also able to print a map indicating the location, depth and type of utility detected. Detector Duo is able to operate with GPS. The track of the survey path as well as marked pipes is stored in a dedicated folder and it is possible to view it using several different software packages, for example Google Earth.

Weight (with battery and without laptop) 15 Kg (33 Pounds)
Survey speed 9 Kmh (5.6 Mph)
Weight 15 kg
Battery operating time (without laptop) More than 10 hours
Power supply SLA battery
Positioning Metric wheel and/or GPS interface
Water Resistance 100% (sealed)
Antenna Footprint 60 x 37 cm
Data collection type 2D (single antenna)
Number of antennas 2
Antennas central frequencies no. 1 at 250 MHz
no. 2 at 700 MHz
Collection speed 100 scans/second
Sampling interval 2,5 centimeters
Type of calibration gain Automatic
Typical range Automatic (128 nanoseconds)
Data playback YES
Data printing (with pipe descriptions) YES
Display mode Colour/grey scale palette
Recommended laptop Panasonic CF-19 Tough-book